Storyline – A medieval fantasy

I intend the player to start as a young boy named Aumose and the story progresses to his early teens.  However, this is a game I intend primarily for the late teen and above age brackets.  The player will probably underestimate the boy at first but I think that the boy will not disappoint gamers at all. Later, the player will have the option to pick to play as different players or perhaps even create their own (definitely not set in stone yet).

This is a medieval fantasy but there will be hints of technology in to that will produced by various classes of Engineers, Architects and Master Builders.  I have no desire to create a game devoid of meaningful play outside of combat; my desire is to create an experience that is enjoyable in every and in anyway possible whether in combat, while crafting, while picking up books and learning about the lore, etc.  I want to create an environment that is conducive to players of varying types of playing styles whether casual or hardcore, whether game focused or player social.

Ofcourse, I want to make an MMO eventually but for now (and specifically for this game) I’ll stick to a single player that may later include co-op or more online interaction.

And for the story:

The world has been plunging into chaos for a number of years.  The Mardonian Empire has swallowed much of the mainlands and is headed by a ruthless dictator.  The lands beyond the Empire’s reach is not safe either, for swarms of orcs, monsters, beastkin and many other foul creatures prey upon the wary people of the rural outlands.  Within the mainlands the barbarians and other nomadic tribes that have not been conquered rebel with the few remaining free territories and kingdoms of Adeluxor.  Roaming tribes of mercenaries, madmen seeking power and other men that have risen to power during the loss of order forces old alliances to die and new friendships to emerge.  The vast lands of Venaria, home to a specific clan of Elves in the North have long protected their seers but now the seers speak of unavoidable evil, pain and death that has never touch the world before.

In the East, a brutal Necromancer Highmistress rules and has summoned forth minions of the Netherworld.  Though very powerful, she thought she could control the unholy minions, but through their introductory disobedience she quickly became aware of their free will and was forced to abandon her lands and sought refuge in the swamplands nearby.

The Southlands has seen peace for many years but now the allied nations of the Southlands has a plague of crime, corruption and poverty while the incompetent royalty attempt to maintain order with the help of an useless, even more incompetent bureaucracy of nobles.

In the West, Trolls, Giants, goblins and dwarves clash in their ongoing battles of attrition for dominance and the less populated races are forced to pick sides, even if temporarily and not for the better. Usually not for the better.

All out war has engulfed much of the world but through chaos there is always hope.

Bands of young warriors, visionaries and scholars are beginning to align themselves and those alliances are now beginning to reach beyond the borders of their lands as well as beyond the shores of continents.  The old, corrupt and yet powerful cling to the Old Ways and old religions but to no avail. Too many innocents were fooled the first time they began their reign of control and too few trust them now. The Priests of Harnok have a large, impressive and very dedicated intercontinental following but their old, firm grip on the world is now beginning to loosen while the other minor religions attempt to grow in power.  The Scholars of Enlightenment now has a solid footing in the free lands and while support is still relatively small, their numbers continue to grow.

Old orders of Knights have begun to re-establish themselves as protectors of the people.  The honest and honorable nobles now openly turn their backs to their corrupt counterparts.  Ancient ruins such as the Academy of the Ancients has been found while spellcasters driven from their homes seek sanctuary, and knowledge, within her dark embrace.  Talents and abilities are now being rediscovered that were once thought utterly lost during the Forsaken Wars.  The first humanoid race of Dryaads are now emerging from ancient forests and from within the very soils of the world for reasons not yet known to the inhabitants of the world of Thebanessia but have always played beneficial roles in the past.

But there are still too many unknown things in the world.  Who can truly be trusted?  Who is only seeking their own selfish desire for power?  What are the aims of the unleashed Netherworlders of the East? What evils do the Seers of the North speak of?  Why have the Seers begun speaking of the Ana’kairam, or in the modern tongue, ‘the ones gifted with the sacred powers of Enlightenment?’


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